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Two-color mold
Two-color injection mold
Two-color injection mold
The production of two-color plastic molds, mainly produces instrumentation and two-color plastic molds, precision two-color injection molds, injection molding and other products and services.

The two-color mold , that is, two kinds of plastic materials, is injection molded on the same injection molding machine, and is molded in two times, but the product is only one mold. Generally, this molding process is also called double-material injection molding, usually completed by a set of molds, and requires a special two-color injection molding machine.

Two-color plastic molds are increasingly popular on the market today. In this process, the appearance of the product can be made more beautiful, and it is easy to change colors without spraying, but the cost is high and the technical requirements are high.

1. The two shapes of the master mold are different, one product is formed separately, and the two shapes of the male mold are exactly the same.

2. The front and back molds of the mold must be aligned after being rotated 180° from the center. This inspection must be done during design, which requires high positioning of the mold base.

3. The total thickness of the front mold panel plus the A board should not be less than 170mm. Please review the other reference data for this type of injection molding machine, such as maximum die thickness, minimum die thickness, KO hole distance, etc.