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Headphones two-color mold
Headphones two-color mold
Headphones two-color mold

The two-color mold of the headset is soundproof and looks good. The frequency response range is the frequency range in which the sound can be played. The hearing limit of the human ear is 20~20000hz. You write it beyond the range of the human ear. Generally, the earplugs are highly sensitive. The front digit is the low frequency response. For example, this number The lower the price is lo. w frequency, the better, the higher the depth, the cooler the bass, the higher the frequency on the right, the higher the frequency, but ordinary music rarely has such a high frequency. So you can look at the low frequency, the impedance is the resistance, you have seen it in physics. In general, the higher the impedance, the better the sound quality, but not absolute. The impedance of the large headphones is relatively high, but the power of the sound source is also required, otherwise it cannot be carried. Sensitivity, as the name implies, is sensitive to the sound source. The device is incomplete, exactly 1 milliwatt, and the output is high. The higher the value, the more sensitive it is.