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How to prevent two-color mold deformation?
Edit:Dongguan Yuexin Plastic Mould Product Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-25

How to prevent mold deformation during the process of mold plastic products factory, first of all from the initial design of the mold. The structural strength of the mold should be guaranteed, and the mold is in use.

Medium deformation

1. Mold size accuracy

The accuracy of the mold dimensions should be appropriate, and the mold design, manufacturing, and mold forming processes should be considered in accordance with the drawings. The key is how to ensure that the actual mold size is within the tolerances required by the drawings. This is also a problem that the designer must solve, otherwise it will affect the mold.

2. Shrinkage rate

Even if the same resin is used, the shrinkage rate will be different if the molding conditions are different. Precision injection molds require a small rate of shrinkage change and predict shrinkage and actual shrinkage as much as possible, but in actual machining, it is difficult to do, and mold correction is usually performed after the mold test. In order to better modify the concave size of the plastic mold design, the shrinkage should be as small as possible and the convex part size is the largest.

3. Prevent deformation

The forming deformation of the plastic two-color plastic mold is mainly caused by uneven shrinkage and internal stress in the mold. Therefore, the precautions we have taken are as follows:

(1) The number of gates should be appropriate and the gates should be balanced;

(2) Select the correct gate shape and position according to the shape of the mold.

4. Prevent demoulding deformation

If the material shrinks relatively little, it is important to note that when the molding pressure is high, the parts tend to remain in the mold cavity. In addition, the design of the mold should be carried out under the condition that the plastic part is not deformed.