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How to choose a two-color mold custom supplier?
Edit:Dongguan Yuexin Plastic Mould Product Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-25

When developing a new two-color mold product, it is usually necessary to use a small amount of mold for proofing and confirm the mass production. In order to save the cost of custom-made proofing for two-color molds , some bosses directly open the molds for mass production, causing irreparable damage. Therefore, custom molds are essential when developing new products. And if you want to make a mold, you first want to find a plastic mold ordering manufacturer. At such a plastic mold factory in the home, how should you find a manufacturer that feels good?

When investigating plastic mold factories, we mainly look at their scale and experience in making molds. The size of the mold factory determines whether they can deliver the product within the specified time, and the length of production determines the quality of the plastic mold they manufacture.

In summary, when looking for a custom plastic mold manufacturer, we need to pay attention to the manufacturer's scale, experience and confidentiality measures in order to find a satisfactory injection mold manufacturer.