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What factors will affect the life of a two-color mold?
Edit:Dongguan Yuexin Plastic Mould Product Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-25

The service life of the mold refers to the total quantity of the mold that can be processed under the premise of ensuring the quality of the parts processed. It includes the multiple repair of the working surface and the life after replacement of the wearing parts. Ke Shimei leads everyone to come together to see what factors will affect the life of plastic molds?

What factors will affect the life of two-color plastic molds ?

1, mold structure

A reasonable mold structure helps to increase the load carrying capacity of the mold and reduce the thermal and mechanical load on the mold. The reliable mold guiding mechanism can avoid mutual stab between the punch and the die; the cold pier and the cold extrusion die subjected to high-strength load can prevent stress concentration by changing the cross-sectional size.

2, mold material

The life of the mold has a great relationship with its material. The larger the quantity of production, the higher the load on the working time and the higher the requirements on the material. For this, high-performance mold materials with strong bearing capacity and long service life should be selected.

3, mold processing quality

Defects in the processing and heat treatment of mold parts will affect the life of the mold. For example, the residual tool marks on the surface of the mold, the microcracks in the EDM, the surface carbonized powder during heat treatment, and the decarburization of the decarburization all have an impact on the bearing capacity and life of the two-color plastic mold .

4, mold working status

When the injection mold is in operation, it must frequently pass the process of clamping, locking, injection, pressure keeping, cooling, mold opening, ejection, etc. In this work process, it is necessary to ensure that each working mechanism works reliably and briskly and flexibly. Therefore, it is necessary to make the moving parts move unimpeded and have reliable lubrication, and the operator is often required to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the mold to make it in a good working state.

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