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Five-step inspection of two-color mold products
Edit:Dongguan Yuexin Plastic Mould Product Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-25

How to improve product quality? What do you mean by the five test steps of the two-color mold manufacturer? Let me explain to you:

1. Raw materials: Whether the raw materials of the two-color mold are correct (including the type and grade of raw materials)

2. Color: The color must be on a cardboard, sample or swatch. (Customer signature limit, upper, middle and lower limits)

3. Size: Be sure to measure the size according to the drawing.

4. Appearance: Carefully check the appearance of the product (lack of glue, shrinkage, material flower) and other defects. Can you accept it within the limits?

5. Assembly and performance testing: test function / segmentation difference / performance is NG, etc.

These are the five steps that the two-color plastic mold manufacturer says to test mold products.