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Mobile phone two-color mold processing classification requirements
Edit:Dongguan Yuexin Plastic Mould Product Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-25

Mobile phone two-color mold factory classification requirements and processing considerations:

  1. There are many types of plastic molds, which can be divided into ten categories. Different types of mold forming are selected according to different requirements of parts materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life and economy.

  2. High precision molds need to be machined with high precision CNC machines. In addition, there are strict requirements for mold materials and molding processes, and CAD/CAE/CAM molding technology also requires design and analysis.

  3. Due to the special requirements of some parts for forming, advanced techniques such as hot runners, gas-assisted molding and nitrogen bottles are also required.

  4. 4. Plastic mold manufacturers should be equipped with CNC machine tools, EDM machines, wire cutting machine tools and CNC copy milling equipment, high-precision grinding machines, high-precision coordinate measuring machines, computer design and related software.

    5. Generally large-scale stamping dies (such as automobile cover dies) should consider whether the machine tool has a side pressure mechanism, uniform lubrication, multi-station grading. In addition to stamping tonnage, punching, feed, machine and mold protection are also considered.

    6. The manufacturing method and process of the above molds are impossible for every enterprise to master and master. When choosing a cooperative manufacturer, you must understand its processing capabilities, not only depends on hardware equipment, but also combine management level, processing experience and technical strength.

    7. For the same set of molds, the prices from different mold makers sometimes vary greatly. You should not pay more than the cost of the mold, nor the cost of the mold. A mold maker like you has achieved a reasonable profit in business. Ordering a much cheaper mold will be a hassle to start. Users must start from their own requirements and make comprehensive measurements.